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Why Every Lady Needs Some UmGee Fashion In Their Life

January 06, 2016 1 Comment

If you've never heard of Umgee before, we are utterly shocked. You are missing out, lady! As a fashion lover you deserve to know - and shop the best brands that bring affordable fashion that offers so much more than just fabric to wear. After all, we all know that simply throwing some clothes on your back doesn't necessarily make us a fashionista. So, for the ladies that love to make a statement within their sense of style, or even for the ladies who want to change things up within their wardrobe with some fashion trends, you need UmGee. Of course, it is one of the most popular brands shopped on at Knitted Belle Boutique. So, head on over and start filing up that online shopping cart. After reading these benefits, it definitely won't be hard to do!


Affordable with Quality

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that in order to get high quality fashion, you need to pay a high price. However, the price doesn't necessarily mean anything about the fabric or manufacturing of clothing. Just because Kim Kardashian is wearing a cotton tee with a luxurious brand's logo plastered on it doesn't mean that the cotton used in that shirt is suddenly worth thousands of dollars. So, in other words, you can find affordable fashions that bring quality and style into your wardrobe. There are many brands on Knitted Belle Boutique that can be considered the 'middle man' within fashion. UmGee isn't super cheap, which is a good thing since this usually extends well into the (poor) quality. More importantly, the clothes aren't going to break the bank either. You pay more than generic, mass-produced clothing, but in return, you get fashion that is stylish and unique, innovative and trendy - and that won't fall apart after one wash. UmGee is one of the best, and Knitted Belle Boutique has you covered. 

Fashion For All Sizes

Yes! Finally, popular fashion brands are starting to extend their itsy bitsy clothing into plus size! You can wear the exact same thing you see on the models, in all sizes. This is a huge advantage to shopping UmGee and the other brands on Knitted Belle Boutique because it wasn't too long ago that the items of fashion found in the "regular" section didn't even exist in plus size. Fashion and plus size were two totally separate things.  You couldn't get the cute clothes in larger sizes. It just didn't happen. Fortunately, those days are well past us! 

All Trends, No Matter Your Style

Usually a fashion brand sticks to one specific kind of style, whether it's edgy, chic, preppy, couture or whatever it may be. UmGee really changes the game in this sense because they have a wide range of fashion trends that cater to different walks of life. Whether you're a boho lady, shopping for something chic and timeless, fashion forward or any other sense of style, Knitted Belle Boutique has it. You can find all different kinds of styles within the UmGee brand, and well throughout all collections on Knitted Belle Boutique as well. This offers innovative and unique fashions, and even more creative ways for you to incorporate different trends and styles into your wardrobe. 

It would be impossible to list all the benefits of stumbling across an awesome fashion brand, but these are certainly some of the best that most people look for. If you are ready to find out the rest, it's time to get shopping at Knitted Belle Boutique and actually experience the advantages of UmGee

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Lori Moss
Lori Moss

April 23, 2019

I love that you make clothing in true American sizes. I don’t have to buy clothes in sizes that make me feel FAT! I feel good in your fashions. Thanks for my new wardrobe!
I am looking for a particular top I found but the boutique didn’t have my size. I’ve looked on your website, but no luck. Could someone help?

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