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Our Story

Carina Hatton has always loved business and cash registers (yes). She started her own business at five years old selling magazines door to door on her street. Her mom let her go to neighbors' houses she knew and always supported her entrepreneurial spirit. Lol! Her first job for someone else was as a cashier at a local garden center. She loved that job and learned to work every single area of the store at fourteen years old. She didn't understand why they wouldn't make her manager. Forget that she was fourteen!

In her pre-teen and teenage years, she did some modeling and covered her bedroom wall with photos of models from magazines. She loved the photos especially because of the clothing on the models. She always loved the textures and colors and styles and how they really made the pictures. She went to business school and learned entrepreneurship. She took all the business and marketing classes she could find. She also purchased her first business, a local franchise she still has today.

Still, it felt something was missing. She always loved clothing, but could never find anything she liked. Nothing was exciting, had texture and color, at the stores in town. Everything was so boring!






Then, the internet was invented. She already had a degree in computer programming, so she knew how to create websites. She decided to create her own. She researched and found that the cutest clothing she had always dreamed of was real and available to buy outside her town. She put that clothing on her website and Knitted Belle Boutique was born! Her goal now is to never have boring clothes on her site. Being an entrepreneur is what she was born to do, and now she gets to do it every day.