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Secret Style Tips to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

February 10, 2016

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It’s time to stuff those chunky knit sweaters in the back of your closet ladies because spring is right around the corner! At first, you may think that a season change within your wardrobe will break your bank, but that doesn’t have to be the case! With Knitted Belle Boutique and these secret fashion tips, you can transition your wardrobe from winter to spring simply by adding in some key pieces. If you have the means to completely swap out your old wardrobe for a new one, by all means! We envy you. But for the ladies looking for some frugal fashion that adds some sunshine into their wardrobe, here are the style secrets you need.


Lighten It Up

The first thing you see on the clothing racks when the snow starts to melt and the grass begins to peak through is color! Yes! Finally. We all love the dark winter fashions, but a girl needs some new hues to fight off those winter blues as you head into spring. Trade in your dark and deep colors for a pop of color that will definitely brighten up your wardrobe and mood! Pastels are always a favorite for spring fashion, but this year, bright, vibrant colors are in! Add in some key pieces of fashion in electric pinks, greens and yellows and completely transition your entire wardrobe.


Indulge in the Trending Hues

Since we’re on the topic of colors, we certainly can’t forget about the trending tones of the spring season. This year, things are getting a little heated in the hue department. Pastels are a must, but spring 2016 brings a hefty dose of something new and refreshing. Fierce reds, earthy ice-coffee tones, greys with a hint of lilac purple, peach and rose quartz are at the top of the fashion trend list for to-die-for tones! Grab some pieces of fashion on Knitted Belle Boutique that have these colors, and you’re set to step into spring.


Incorporate Statement Fashion Trends

You’ll be amazed at what adding a few key statement and trending pieces into your ensembles can do for your entire wardrobe. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep your style current with the spring 2016 fashion trends, without having to go on a wild shopping spree. When it comes to prints, it’s all about the checkered look. Graphic stripes are also a total must for this spring season, and you just can’t forget about the high shine fashions that truly reflect your sense of style. These fashion trends are so popping that just a few pieces added into your wardrobe can transition your wardrobe from winter to spring.


Change the Layers

Finally! You can shred the big bulky sweaters that you have layered over top of a long sleeve top, only to be covered with a super thick and puffy jacket. Oh, winter. How it’s such a love-hate relationship. With the warmer days right around the corner, it’s time to change up the layers. Since the weather can still be fairly chilly, it’s not time to completely rid your wardrobe of longer layers. So, keep those long sleeved cardigans handy, and grab some quarter length sleeves as well. Swap out the thick knit scarves for some lighter fabrics, and fill your wardrobe with all kinds of camisoles so you can layer whenever and however you please.


The last thing you’ll want to do to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring is to get some new spring jackets. Yes! You can finally say goodbye to the unflattering winter jacket that does nothing for your sense of style. Think windbreakers, leather jackets, bombers and blazers. Spring is finally within reach! It’s safe to say that Knitted Belle Boutique has you prepared for spring 2016


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