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What's Holding You Back?

August 14, 2019

The top three things holding people back from pursuing their dreams are fear of failure, lack of direction and lack of money.

Here are some thoughts on how to overcome these.

First, set yourself up for success by finding a coach or mentor who can show you the way. Let them take the worry and stress out of the situation and keep you on track for growth. This will alleviate both your feelings of lack of direction and your fear of failure because, let's face it, things aren't as scary when you have someone showing you the way.

If lack of money is an issue for you, think about it this way. Where will you be next year if you find the money to get started on your dream? Where will you be if you don't? There is always a way if the will is strong enough. How strong is yours?

You should look everywhere for ways to get the funds to get started, and don't let lack of money ever be your excuse. You can sell unused items around the house, grab a couple extra shifts at work, use a credit card, borrow from friends or family, do odd jobs for a few weeks, plus lots of other things I haven't mentioned here.

If you have a dream, you should have a plan. You will never get going as long as you are making excuses for yourself.

Get up and take action!!

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