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The Secret to Wearing Plus Size Fashion That Doesn't Scream "PLUS SIZE"

December 29, 2015

As a larger woman, there's no denying that there was once a time where the "ooh, that's so cute," kind of fashion only pertained to the single digits in sizing. Fortunately, times have changed - and become significantly more realistic since not all women look like the girls from the movie Mean Girls. Knitted Belle Boutique has gathered the stunning fashion trends that look fabulous on all shapes and sizes - and important fashion tips that are a must for plus size fashion. So, ladies; here's to wearing plus size fashions that don't make us look like the Paper Bag Princess. 

Plus Size Poncho

The excellent thing about this fashion trend is that the poncho is supposed to be oversized. So instead of appearing like you're hiding your curves under baggy clothes (we've all done it), a plus size poncho shapes your body is a way that is certainly flawless. It will lightly drape over your chest before flaring out in a loose fit around the tummy and butt area, depending on the style you get. It's fabulous! The best styles of plus size ponchos for the season definitely have some sort of Aztec print on it, which is even more amazing since prints can make you feel super pretty. 

A Basic Tee That Isn't So Basic

Cute tees were one of those items that you used to never be able to find in plus size. If you had a few more curves on your body, you were subjected to shopping at mass produced, generic stores that provided fashion that definitely didn't do much for your sense of style. Thanks to Umgee and so many other brands found on Knitted Belle Boutique, cute tees are something we can all indulge in. Since tees are an absolute staple within every wardrobe, it's time to stock up. To steer clear of basic tees that look basic, look for trending elements. A crew neck tee that has some asymmetrical components is a nice way to indulge in simple yet chic fashions that blend a dose of balance for your entire look. High-low tops are also awesome, or what some call "Sharkbite". 

The Secret to Chunky Knits

As a plus size woman, the idea of wearing something big and bulky probably turns you off completely. However, chunky knits are such a huge fashion trend and you likely want to indulge. Well, you definitely can. It all depends on the kind of fashion you select. A massive chunky knit sweater is bound to add bulk. But if you wear one that is longer in style (past your hips) and has a bit of fringe like the Frayed Hem Chunky Knit Sweater, you can naturally elongate your body and rock this awesome and super warm trend! If the sweater idea still gives you the fear of too much bulk, indulge in infinity sweaters and smaller accessories that can transform any look into a season favorite. 

Chic in Cardigans

When it comes to plus size cardigans; the best are certainly open styles (no buttons). It allows for a natural and fashionable flow to be incorporated into your entire ensemble. Just as the prior, shop for plus size styles that are slimming, such as longer or knee length cardigans, or something with some fringe and vertical elements that can be seen on the Cuddle Up Cardigan. Toss them over everything from your basic tee to a LBD, and you're fashion is set for whatever comes your way. 

So, stop sacrificing your fashion just because you're in the plus size section. Your sense of style is important, and it can be as amazing as you want it to be. It just takes shopping at awesome stops like Knitted Belle Boutique, and picking out chic styles that work best for you. Subscribe to our newsletter and never miss a beat. 

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