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Daring Fashion Trends You Must Try This Fall and Winter Season

November 27, 2015

Having style has nothing to do with following the fashion trends precisely. Instead, fashion trends are more like style recommendations that can be incorporated into your wardrobe in your own, unique way. The fall and winter styles provide everything you expect of the season, and just as many daring fashion trends that are perfect for the go-getter kind of fashionistas out there. The following fashion trends are definitely out of the ordinary, making them perfect for showing off your own sense of style. Whatever you do, just make sure to wear your fall and winter outfits with confidence. That's all you really need to pull off any look.


Fashion is Frayed

Gone are the days of flawlessly hemmed jeans and cuffing to pure perfection. The fall and winter fashion trends are taking on a more frayed appeal. The look of cutting the bottom of your own pants isn't a sloppy one, as long as it's done right, of course. Instead of indulging completely into the frayed look, find denim that has a small dose of frayed threads to keep the look more polished than imperfect. Once you're in love with the look (and you definitely will be), you can wear all kinds of different frayed fashions, even ones that have a couple inches of threads hanging at the ankle. You can also get the frayed appeal in all kinds of tops as well. 

Model in Mod Dresses

Mod dresses are straight classics from the sixties, and the short hemline offers a more modern look to the older fashion trend. So, it's time to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn, ladies. These dresses are perfect for a day out holiday shopping, wearing to the office or a night out on the town. With the trending mod dresses, you can instantly take your wardrobe from day to night. To keep your mod fashion fresh and flattering, be sure to get a style that is fitted and maybe even one that has an A-line shape. This will keep the classic appeal prominent while also making it much more flattering than the original styles from back in the day. You can also fully throw yourself into this sense of style by going full-on mod. High-necked dresses and detailed embellishments is super haute and perfect for showing off your stylish personality.

 Pajama Appeal

Wearing your pajamas outside is probably never going to be a fashion trend, regardless of how daring this season's may be. However, pajama-like style is definitely a huge hit for this fall and winter. We aren't just talking about wearing your tights or track pants outdoors with some Uggs, knee-high socks and boyfriend hoodie. Instead, sheer, button-up blouses with unique prints are a total must try that adds that pajama vibe into your wardrobe. Pair it with a blazer to perfect the look and you're ready for whatever the season's weather blows your way.

Sassy in Sequins

Sequins are basically a hit or miss. They can be totally chic and glamorous, or completely horrendous. However, the holiday season is all about adding some sparkle and shine into your wardrobe, and sequins are the best way to do just that. So, it’s time to perfect the look. To make sure that your next ensemble looks more glam than disco ball, wear a trending knit sweater that has some sequins sewn into the style. It offers a small dose of shine and holiday spirit without going overboard. For some fancy nights out in the town, a full-on sequin dress is a must have within every girl's wardrobe. You can even go a little more daring by wearing a full-out sequin patterned top that is certainly fashion forward.

Pretty in Pussybows Blouses

Bows aren't everyones sense of style, but pussybow blouses are something that you just can't skip over without first trying. The fashion that they can add into your next ensemble is stunning, and can give off that feminine, flirty yet promiscuous, sex and innocent Librarian look. Needless to say, they're super versatile and appeal to several different walks of the runway. If the pussybow blouse seems too prim and pretentious for you, toss on a classic black blazer to turn it into a chic statement. And don't forget, the bigger the bow, the better. Just be sure to perfect the talent of tying them before wearing.


These fashion trends for the fall and winter season are definitely daring. More importantly, they can be all you need to add in your own personal touch into your sense of style. Sign up for the Knitted Belle Boutique newsletter and never miss out on fashion tips, tricks and discounts that are just as unique as these fashion trends.

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