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Lay-Buy FAQ

How does Lay-Buy work?

Lay-Buy works just like layaway. Once your items are in your cart, go to Checkout. Choose Lay-Buy as the payment type. You will be redirected to Paypal to complete the transaction.

How long do I have to pay?

You have one month. This allows for two payments - the initial 50% down and 50% due in one month.

What if I cancel the Lay-Buy? 

There is a $25 service charge to cancel.

What fees am I charged?

Fees are 0.9% of the total order value at checkout. The buyer will pay this amount to Lay-Buy at checkout at time of paying the down payment. This fee is an admin fee and is not refundable.

When will my items ship?

Your order will ship after the final installment payment has been made.

Where can I see all terms and conditions?