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How I Hit My First 7 Figures ($127 Masterclass)

December 13, 2020

Wow - I can't even believe I am typing this.
My accountant just asked me out of curiosity for the total amount my boutique store has made since I started it.
The screenshot I showed him (I’ll show it to you further below)... Showed my first 7 figure (cash) store - $1,277,022.17
Like what?!
I want to break it all down for you - the mindset, the energy, the branding, the business model… ... and the boutique store sales and traffic strategy.
Basically I want to tell you how I did it.
But it’s a bit much to fit into a blog post.
For $127… I am hosting a workshop that breaks down the KEYS to hitting your first 7 figure store.
Live. With space to ask questions.
This is what I wish someone would have created for me so I am doing it for you (and yes I’ll send you the replay file so you can keep it forever).
It’s happening this Friday, December 18th @ 10am CST / 11am EST.
Doors close Thursday, December 17th at midnight.
Here’s the link to grab your spot -->
See you there,
PS -- Oh snap, I forgot to include the screenshot for you so I put it on the sign up page here for you to see it.

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