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Fall Trends 2017

Fall Trends 2017

July 31, 2017

If you're a planner and already working on your outfits for fall, here are some details on the new trends we are seeing. It's time to get feminine, and some of the styles are reminiscent of your favorite silky pajamas.


  • Velvet - get ready to wear this trend in every style! We are seeing embroidered velvet, velvet tops, velvet dresses, velvet kimonos. Bloggers have been on this trend for a few months now.
  • Strappy details - we have learned from this summer's styles that more things can be done with straps then you ever imagined. They are on sleeves, sides of tops and everywhere in between.

  • Satin - satin is not just for sheets. You are going to see a ton of it this fall in tops, bottoms and dresses.

  • Ruffles - ruffles are everywhere - on all areas of sleeves and hems. Double ruffles are especially cute and trendy right now!

  • Bell sleeves - the bigger, the better! Bell sleeves have always been a big seller in our store, but we are seeing them get more feminine than ever next season.

  • Long dusters & sweaters - these are the cutest things ever! If regular cardigans bore you, this is your season! We are seeing solids and patterns and every kind of fabric cut into longer lengths. You can find sweater material, satins, velvets and more in longer lengths. They are the perfect throw over for your favorite sleeveless tops from summer!

  • Open sleeves - the trend from spring and summer moves gracefully into fall. Openings are on shoulders and sides of arms alike.

  • Peplum tops - these have always been popular in our store, but we are seeing lots more variety right now. The floral patterns are very trendy in this style. We just saw a velvet peplum top the other day that was adorable! It may be coming to our store soon.

  • Blazers - not sure if we are going to participate in this one. Have never been a big fan of clothing that looks too proper. 

  • Romper skirts - these are rompers that have maxi skirts attached at the waist and an opening at the front. It may sound unusual, but makes for one of the cutest looks you could ever imagine. These are perfect for special occasions where you would like to wear a skirt, but not really!

  • Choker necklines - these necklines look so cute on. They can take a bit to get used to, though, if you are new to this trend. Choker necklaces can be worn with anything. However, we are seeing them built into tops and dresses from the front and back. 

Some of the brands we carry that are following these trends are UmGee, ODDI, Entro, Easel, She & Sky, Emerald and Kori America.

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