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The 2016 Summer Fashion Trends to Get Excited About

March 22, 2016


It’s time to toss the knits to the back of your closet because the summer clothing is coming in with a splash this year. With the 2016 fashion trends, you get to enjoy much more than just the expected-season staples that you love each year, like the nautical look. The 2016 summer trends are a bit more eccentric, a little more daring and will definitely make an impact within all of your outfits. It’s all about the 80s, underwear and power prints, ladies. So without further ado, here are some of the hautest summer clothing trends to get excited about!


Underwear is Outerwear

You read it right! Underwear was once intended to never been seen outside of the privacy of your own home, but those times are long gone. The 2016 summer clothing trends are turning underwear into outerwear. Of course, you’re not really wearing your bra on top of your shirt, but a bralette peaking through from under your top is definitely trending! Many summer dresses also have a slip dress appeal that totally takes on the feel of lingerie.


Maxi Vacation Dresses with a Slit

Maxi dresses never really left the season trends, and have remained at the top of the fashion must have lists for several years now. However, this year, there’s something new you may want to consider adding into your wardrobe. It’s all about baring the thigh with a maxi dress, which sounds like an oxymoron at first. Just shop for maxi vacation dress styles that have a high slit, and you’ll definitely be tearing up the streets as if they are your very own runway.


Rare Prints

Prints are totally out of this world for the 2016 summer trends. They are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, or at the very least, prints you haven’t seen since the 80s. All kinds of summer clothing can be found with a lemon print, rocket print or checks! It’s an odd trend, but one that can truly bring out your individuality within your wardrobe. Lemon print fashion adds a splash of refreshing femininity, while rocket print lets you channel your inner tomboy. As for the checkered prints, it’s a classic look that is both chic and fashion forward. Patchwork is also a popular fashion trend seen on many vacation dress styles for this season, and they’re an excellent way to add color into your ensembles.


Back is the Rucksack

Before you even read any further, it’s key to know that just any ole’ backpack won’t do. The 2016 summer trends are all about chic styles that look more couture than they do school girl. Rucksacks are an excellent place to start shopping, but leather, pleather or printed backpacks are also worthy of this season. It’s a pretty awesome alternative to lugging around a massive handbag too!


Cowboy Boots

Whether you’re in Nashville, living on the shore or way up North, you need some cowboy boots because they are the footwear of the season! While boots may seem truly unpractical to wear in the midst of the summer heat, opt for shorter styles that allow your feet and legs to breathe. As a rule of thumb, shop cowboy booties, as opposed to boots!


We told you! The 2016 summer clothing trends are truly something else this year. Although they’re a little more daring than the traditional staples you’re used to, it’s quite refreshing to see something new! Revamp your wardrobe and find a new sense of style that appeals to you! Knitted Belle Boutique has all the summer clothing you need to keep your fashion on point this season, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter!


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