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Spring Shoes Your Wardrobe Isn't Complete Without

February 24, 2016

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Some argue that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what about shoes? Every lady loves having a ton of gorgeous shoes overflowing the closest. With so many stylish options, a girl simply can’t ever have too many of them. Although, our over-stacked shoe rack may disagree with that. So, whether you’re looking to further your shoe obsession or want to add some must have spring shoe styles into your collection, these are the spring shoes that every woman deserves and needs within their wardrobe.


Black, Black, Black

spring shoes, must have, fashion trends

Boom! Black is always a classic. Whether it's black flat boots, or black pumps, they can be the ultimate statement item within your ensemble. Black pumps literally go with everything. Whether you’re pairing them with an LBD, a pair of distressed denim or your new spring dress that you just got from Knitted Belle Boutique, black shoes can complete the look. They also add an instant dose of sophistication, which can take your ensemble straight from the boardroom to the bar!


All-Weather Boots

spring shoes, must have, fashion trends

The spring season is so unpredictable when it comes to the weather. It could be snowing in the morning, raining in the afternoon and freezing over at night. So, you need to be prepared. All-weather boots give you the style you need, with the added warmth and protection from precipitation that is always a must during this season.


Stacked Heels

spring shoes, fashion trends, must have

Anyone that has ever tried to walk on grass while wearing stilettos understands that there are different kinds of heels that are an absolute must within your wardrobe. Stacked heels are definitely one of them, and some even say they’re more of a must have item than stilettos! Stacked heels are thicker and wider, so you can truly tackle any terrain. They also come in a variety of styles, catering to whatever appeal you’re going after. Plus, they’re 1000 times more comfortable!



spring shoes, must have, fashion trends

For those days when heels just aren’t happening, you need a pair of flats. Sneakers are awesome, but they can be too casual for your sense of style or occasion. Whether it's ballet flats, flat boots or booties, they are the perfect shoe to run errands in, to tear up the dance floor in, or to wear to the office. They’re comfortable, yet so incredibly stylish. Flats are officially up to par with heels!


Animal Print Heels

fashion trends, must have, spring shoes

Sometimes, you just need something to put a little skip in your step and animal print heels can do that – and so much more. Whether it’s snakeskin or leopard print, slipping your sole into a pair of these shoes adds instant sultry, edginess and sexiness! They’re a total must have spring shoe for whenever you need a kick of style added into your ensemble!


Flat Sandals

flats, spring shoes, must have, fashion trends

It wouldn’t be realistic to not have a pair (or several pairs) of flat sandals within your closet. There are plenty of shoe styles that you simply can’t wear to the beach, which is when flat sandals come to save the day. They’re also perfect for casual ensembles and summer dresses! Flip flops, strappy sandals or even gladiator sandals; you’ll want to have a ton of them in your closet.



This list of must have spring shoes could go on and on for centuries because there are so many desirable styles. Each shoe also has it’s own purpose and personality, which is essentially how we all became obsessed with them in the first place. However, the spring shoes mentioned will always come in hand – or in foot. Head on over to Knitted Belle Boutique and take a step into style, and don’t forget to snag all the fashion news and special discounts. Sign up for our newsletter!

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