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Shower Steamers/Fizzies Gift sets - 12 shower steamers

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Mom on the box
12 gift boxes - each with 12 Shower Steamers & instruction card

This set comes in an elegant box ready to gift! An all-natural and soothing solution for the end of a long day, created especially for those who love a great scent in their shower!

Shower Steamers Gift Set Includes:
* 12x 2.2"Shower steamer cubes with Essential Oils - (Lavender, Lemongrass, Mint, Eucalyptus) - each is about 2.2'' x 2.2'
* Gorgeous box - MOM

Using shower steamers:‎
Place your desired Shower steamer in the shower and let it do the rest. The water releases an aromatherapy scent, and/or you may use the Shower Steamer as a body scrub/foot scrub
Enjoy your well-deserved relaxation time with the best nature can offer

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salts, Shea Butter, Essential Oils, Aqua & Mica for color

Lizush is: A Women only CA based company

We hand make our products using mindfully sourced ingredients
Our goal at Lizush is to make you and your customers feel good!