Inspirational Message Bar Bracelet - Embrace imperfection

Sweet Romance

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Inspirational message bracelets transmit good vibes and inspire positive energy. Wear them to amplify determination, self-affirmation and to sustain hope and perseverance. As a gift, each imparts a truism for keeping the faith and broadening your perspective.. Stack different messages together or select a different one for each day's journey. 

Size: 7" around by 0.5" wide

Embrace imperfection - To give anything your best shot, liberate your talents, your aspirations and desires. Give up your fears about failure and self-consciousness of your imperfections. You can always redo, restart and refine just about anything. Making mistakes and being vulnerable are essential to being real. Embrace imperfections and be unapologetic about them.

Women's Size Chart    
Bust (in.)35-3637-3839-4042
Waist (in.)27-2829-3031-3235
Hip (in.)36-3738-3940-4144
Bust (in.)444648 
Waist (in.)373941 
Hip (in.)464850 

Hand Wash Cold. Hang to dry. Do not bleach.

Kids Size Chart    
 Height (in.)Bust (in.)Waist (in.)Hip (in.)