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Citrus Spa Gift Set - 6 Pampering Products in a Gift Box

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Cute Citrus Spa Gift Set 6 100% Natural Lizush Best Sellers includes:

* Grapefruit Shower Steamer ( 2.2")
* Facial Clay Mask (1oz)
* Grapefruit Soap Bar (4oz)
* Lip Balm (Unscented)
* Pretty Cotton Eye Mask
* Natural Luffa Exfoliator/ Soap Saver
Presented in a beautiful gift box with tissue paper (5"x5")
(*This box is also available with products in our Lavender Series.*)

Lizush is a Women only, CA based company, we hand make our products!
All our products are:
- Mindfully sourced
- 100% Natural
- Synthetic chemical free
- Paraben free and no other toxic preservatives
- Sulfate free and no other harsh detergents
- Artificial fragrance & coloring free (our colorants are made from Mica, seeds and roots)
- Alcohol free
- Phthalates and petro chemical free
- Propylene glycol and PEG free
- NEVER tested on animals
- Does NOT contain toxins
- Does NOT contain any GMO ingredients

Our goal at Lizush is to make you and your customers feel good!